Our Staff

Jason Bogardus

I’m Jason and I’ve been married to my wonderful wife, Julie, since 2004. We have four children: Rogan, Asher, Callum and Eden. I’ve been in the ministry since 2006 and have served at Cornerstone as the Teaching Pastor since 2018. I have a passion to study God’s Word and to try to make plain what […]

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Nic Schroeder

I’m Nic (no “k”) Schroeder, and Brandi & I have four boys—Wesley, Peyton, Asher & Cohen. I have been a member of Cornerstone since 2006 and have served in various ministries, but student ministry has always been my passion. I paint, sew, carve, design, hammock, cycle, and eat skittles. I prefer reading my Bible in […]

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Sharon Schulte

I’m Sharon, and I’m married to Jacob an amazing one-armed triathlete. We have 4 kids together, Eli, Caroline, Daisy, and Katie. My background is in secondary education, but I have worked in preschools, and we have served in the children’s ministry for more than 10 years. We have attended CBF since 2004. We are passionate about all people, big and […]

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