Cornerstone Kids

What Is Cornerstone Kids?

Cornerstone Kids is all about learning. Learning how each of us are made in God’s image. It’s learning to bring glory and honor to God in all we do! It’s learning to develop a relationship with Jesus. It’s learning to love God’s word. It’s learning to praise and worship the Lord through prayer and music. It’s learning to build relationships with others through activities and fun events. It’s learning the value and importance of serving others in our church, community, and world. It’s learning that God’s grace is enough. Finally, it’s learning that God’s answer is always right!

Faith + Families = Cornerstone Kids

It is our desire to help encourage, equip, and provide opportunities to parents to develop and deepen Biblical and spiritual foundations for their children. It is our prayer that these opportunities will guide their children into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Our Method is simple; we keep our programs Bible-Centered, Relational, and Fun.

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