Fellowship & Events

In our busy lives, sometimes we forget to slow down and take time to get to know one another–to ask about life and share about our own. We hope you are able to find a few new friends this year, and maybe grow into a better friend a bit yourself.

Ladies & Little Ladies Tea

We will have a tea party on May 19 starting at 9:30 a.m. This brunch is for any woman, teenager, mother, daughter, aunt, niece, grandmother, granddaughter, widow, or sister. The CBF Women’s and Children’s ministries will provide the coffee, tea, desserts, and “entertainment,” but we are asking for guests to bring tiny sandwiches, fresh fruit, or muffins to share. We will also need about a dozen table hosts to bring tea services and fresh flowers for their table (tell us what you’re bringing here).

Each guest should plan to bring a special tea cup! The ladies and little ladies at your table would love to hear the story of your special tea-cup. Don’t have a special teacup? That’s okay! We will have a table of extras to share. We are looking forward to this precious time of fellowship and fun as we practice delightful decorum together.

IF: Table

We make every effort to join together as a community to make much of God and use our gifts to honor Him. We do this by meeting together in homes for monthly IF: Table dinners, where every woman is invited and encouraged to fellowship and break bread with our community of sisters. We have now begun registering for new IF: Tables! Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a once per month dinner club with five of your Cornerstone sisters. Once you register, your table leaders will contact you with the date of your first table, which she will host. We understand that scheduling can sometimes be difficult, but it’s so worth building a strong community of women in passionate pursuit of Jesus! Click here to join a table! We are asking you to register even if you have been a part of a table before.

IF: Table monthly resources, including recipe inspirations and conversation cards, can be found at IFGathering.com/table.

For information about any of these events, please email us at cbfwomen@gmail.com