10.8.17–The Forgotten God–Acts 19:1-20

Title: Sermon – October 8

The Forgotten God
Acts 19:1-20

Stephen Ray
Pastor to Students, Fellowship North

The Book of Acts

– Narrative history of the early church (part 1: Peter; part 2: Paul)

– Paul undertook three missionary journeys for the purpose of preaching
the Gospel and planting churches.

– Paul’s method: find a public place (synagogue), engage people in
discussion, baptize converts, disciple believers, establish church

The City of Ephesus

– Ephesus was a major city in the Roman Empire, capitol of Rome’s
Asian province.

– Major center for commerce formerly because of geographical location,
but more recently because of Temple of Artemis.

– No church in Ephesus, but Paul stopped there briefly during his second
missionary journey (Acts 18:19-21).

– Paul returned to Ephesus on his third missionary journey and stayed
there for three years.

The Text – Acts 19:8-10

– Paul begins teaching in the synagogue as was his custom, but moves
to the lecture hall because of the Jews’ obstinance and disrespect.

– He taught there for two years, during which time all the Jews and
Gentiles who lived in the province of Asia heard the Gospel.

God can amazing things through perseverance.

The Text – Acts 19:11-16

– God did miracles through Paul.

– Ephesus was home to a pluralistic, superstitious culture that featured
many who participated in sorcery and attempted to invoke “powerful”
names in their incantations for various reasons, including exorcism.

Don’t play with God.

The Text – Acts 19:17-20

– The failed exorcism (and beating) became known and the name of
Jesus became revered.

– Many believers even came forward to confess their participation in
sorcery and relinquish their souls.

Don’t underestimate the power of the Gospel to change lives.

The Text – Acts 19:1-7

– Paul returns to Ephesus to find some “disciples” who, for whatever
reason, were only familiar with John’s baptism.

What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

Three Questions

  1. Who is the Holy Spirit?
    • The third person of the Trinity.
  2. Who does the Holy Spirit do?
    • Indwells Christians at conversion.
    • Guides, convicts, comforts, leads, intercedes, gifts, etc.
    • Is the agent of sanctification.
    • Interacts with Christians probably more than any other member of the Trinity.
  3. Have you truly received the Holy Spirit?
    • If not, attempts at holiness are merely external.
    • Maybe not, if you’re ignorant of His role in your life.
    • If not, your relationship with God is incomplete (or non-existent).

Three Challenges

– Learn more about the Holy Spirit.

– Understand how the Holy Spirit has specifically gifted you.

– Submit to the Holy Spirit; let Him change your life.

The Forgotten God
Acts 19:1-20

Stephen Ray
Pastor to Students, Fellowship North