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Foreign Missionaries
Ben & ashley

Ben and Ashley have recently begun a new ministry in Southeast Asia.  They will be working along side their other ministry partners to reach an unreached people group.  Please visit here if you would like to more about Ben and Ashley.  Please use 040167 when prompted.

Sean and Jinny Richards 

Sean and Jinny serve the Manam people in Papua New Guinea.  They are working on translating the Bible into the Manam language as well as evangelizing the Manam people.  Please visit Ethnos360 if you would like to contribute to Sean and Jinny.

Kaycee Gateley

Kaycee will be serving in Northern Japan alongside a small Japanese church to facilitate growth and encourage local believers. There is a deep need for discipleship and authentic connection among the Japanese. To support Kaycee, please visit SIM.

foreign missions
Local Missions


STEP is a youth mentoring program first started by Cornerstone in association with several other churches.  Through STEP believers will grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ as they engage in the lives of children. The children will be influenced by their mentors to strengthen their faith, establish traditional family values, and create hope for the future living a life that honors God.

IFO Logo.jpg


IFO seeks to help international students living in central Arkansas make the transition.  Through fostering relationships, IFO allows the love of Christ to flow across cultural borders right here in Central Arkansas. 

The CALL Tile.jpg


The CALL is a faith based organization with a vision of "no waiting children in foster care in Arkansas."  The CALL's mission os to educate, equip and encourage the Christian community to provide a future and a hope for children in foster care in Arkansas.  Each month, Cornerstone works with the CALL to help train believers looking to foster children.

From His Throne Logo.png


From His Throne Ministries is a local church in inner city Little Rock.  Each fifth Sunday, Cornerstone partners with FHTM to assist in their worship service and supply food and supplies to those in need. 

Union Rescue Mission.jpg

union rescue mission

Union Rescue Mission a place of refuge for the abused, recovery for the addicted, and rescue for the hopeless through the transforming love of Jesus Christ. We primarily work with Nehemiah House (men) and Dorcas House (women).

Our House Web Logo.jpg


Our House seeks to meet the needs of Central Arkansas’s working homeless population.  Cornerstone partners with Our House occasionally preparing and serving meals.

Angel's choice adoption

Angel's Choice Haven is temporary housing for expectant mothers to live during the adoption process.  Each mom will receive counseling, financial assistance, legal assistance and lots of love. The mission of the Haven is to provide a safe place for mothers to live while obtaining the goal of getting back on their feet. 

local missions
Mission Trips
Mission trips
South dakota 

This June, the CBF youth group will head to the Cheyenne River Reservation to serve the Lakota tribe.  Cornerstone has been working with the Lakota for nearly a decade as we seek to reach them with the message of Christ and meet practical needs.


This April, Cornerstone will send a team to Belize to assist in the spread of the gospel to the people of Belize.  If interested in going, please click on the button.


This July, Cornerstone will send a team to Honduras to assist in the spread of the gospel to the people of Honduras.  If interested in going, please click on the button.

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