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Summer Groups & LifeGroups

Please take a look at our summer groups and LifeGroups.  Our summer groups are small groups that meet during the summer months but will not continue on into the Fall.  We also list our regular LifeGroups.  Most of our LifeGroups have a reduced schedule in the summer months, but they do meet.  If you would like to learn more about the summer schedule of a regular LifeGroup or learn about their plans for the Fall, please click on your desired LifeGroup and fill out the the requested information.  One of the leaders from that group will reach out to you..

For general questions about LifeGroups please email or call the church office at 501-835-0860.

Summer Small Groups

24church history.png

Wednesdays; 6:30-8:00


Wednesdays; 6:30-8:00

Mondays; 6:30-8:00


Tuesdays; 6:30-8:00
Women's Study

Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 11.17.33 AM.png

Wednesdays; 6:00pm
Women's Study

Thursdays; 9:00am
Women's Study

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